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What is a dream? A moment of maximum creative expression, a direct connection with ourselves; a dream is the closest thing to freedom. Ours began a few years ago, in Paris.

A journey that took us back to Italy to stay and continue the dream of someone who understood before we did.

That Art is not a job but a need; that Beauty is a privilege needing daily nourishment.

Life is the set of encounters we experience and the challenges we decide to face; the risks we run and the beauty that we cultivate with love. Massimo Monini and Jean-Christophe Clair pursue beauty in all its forms; theirs were two different stories of independence, passion and art which, in their meandering, came together at a particular point in time. The romantics may call it fate, the realists randomness and the mathematician might calculate the odds, but they found themselves in a small French town that became their right place at the right time. Massimo is an antiques lover with many experiences behind him, Jean-Christophe an artist who expresses himself through singing and painting. Their searches for beauty became one, and that same physical or magical strength that brought them together led them to escape Paris and take a journey through the nature of Umbria, to Umbertide; invited by Jean-Christophe’s singing teacher. They found themselves in a new right place at the right time when Massimo came across an exhibition of iconic pieces by Rometti - almost a century of history of craftsmanship and art that was slowly disappearing, swallowed up by the financial crisis. Massimo visited the company and left with two pieces by Ambrogio Pozzi under his arm and with a new dream. It was a dream begun by someone else in the mid-1920s but which he now felt was his own and which he wanted to share with Jean-Christophe. Together they took a deep breath and a leap into the unknown, putting aside vertigo, Paris and security. They landed in a world that they make flourish with their love, dedication and artistic vision.  Thus began a new chapter of their story and that of Rometti Ceramics.