In the heart of
Chantal Thomass

2020 brings a new collection by Chantal Thomass for Rometti, presented during the Parisian Design Week, in the splendid home of the French stylist and designer. One of the most acclaimed events by the Parisian press, who loved the renewed collaboration and the fusion of the designer’s femininity and Rometti’s know-how.

Designed with Rometti’s Art Director Jean-Christophe Clair, the collection contains the archetypes and symbols of gender and sensuality in an ironic, but frivolous way, like the game of seduction. Cameos, satin details and alluring shapes adorn these charming decorative pieces, adding a touch of impertinence that has always distinguished Chantal Thomass's extraordinary creative production. In an interview, the Parisian icon with her irreverence she says: ‘Rometti was born in 1927 in Umbertide, in the province of Perugia, and began collaborating with renowned artists from very early on. The owner, Massimo Monini, is a snapshot of the Italian seducer! Nice mouth, nice clothes, ponytail and a smile that we would like to see more often among French CEOs!