Paris celebrates
Chantal Thomass
and Rometti

The French capital is hosting a unique event; an auction of unique and timeless pieces by style icon Chantal Thomass. Famous auction house Millon presents more than 600 objects signed by the multifaceted and irreverent artist ranging from prêt-à-porter to haute-couture, lingerie and accessories, to design. This is a unique opportunity for collectors from all over the world, who will be able to view and bid for unique pieces from the past, (which have been stored at a constant temperature of 15 ° in the designer’s personal archive), as well as to buy new objects from exclusive collaborations. Among the most characteristic and charismatic pieces are a collection of vases created with Rometti, a company that has been producing artistic pieces that embody the uniqueness of craftsmanship and soul of Italian manufacturing since 1927 .

Several places of historical and contemporary art in Paris will be tinged with the colours of Chantal Thomass, including Millon, who will be auctioning the lots online from 19th April  to 8th May,  the Hotel Drouot, (Room 5), which will host the live auction and exhibit the sold items on the 4th and 5th of May, and the extraordinary Joyce Gallery where you can also discover and buy pieces from the collaboration with Rometti. The exhibition ‘Madame Chantal Thomass 40 years of fashion’ at Joyce Gallery, from 12th April to 2nd of May, is a journey into the vision of an artist who was able to distinguish herself by expressing her chic identity in the most diverse forms; of sensuality, seduction, provocation and a great deal of irony. It is a showcase of incredible dresses, lingerie that has revolutionized the concept of femininity and sinuous ceramic shapes that transport you to a completely Made in Italy experience. In addition to the fascinating collections of vases, Joyce Gallery exhibits another exclusive accessory from the collaboration between Chantal Thomass and Rometti; a timeless classic cameo in bas-relief depicting a woman half-figure, designed to add an attractive element of rupture in a contemporary look. “ I had imagined a vase studded with cameos, as I am mad about brooches”, says Chantal Thomass smiling; “ the desire to translate this concept into jewel-brooches was evident”. The Bijou brooches, with which the Joyce Gallery completes the iconic look of the artist, are available in 3 sizes and colours that represent the soul of the collaboration between Rometti and Thomass. Pink, black, white; the classic and timeless colours of a romantic and ironic seductive art. “We’re happy to be part of this Parisian event celebrating Chantal's art and the products we have made together”, says Massimo Monini, CEO of Rometti. “This retrospective is not a tribute to a past icon, but a tribute to the incredible continuity of an artist who still has something to say today. It’s the occasion that every collector in the world is waiting for, to get their hands on something truly unique, and the pieces we’ve created together with Chantal Thomass fully embody her sparkling identity”.