On 8 October, the celebration of the Rometti Prize 2022 finds an exceptional space to welcome and announce the winners from this year’s shortlisted projects: RUFA, the Rome University of Fine Arts, right in the heart of the Italian capital.

The multidisciplinary and international educational centre, with courses spanning the universes of Art, Design, Audiovisual, Fashion, Game, Communication and Media Art, is a perfect theatre that resonates with the principles for which the Rometti Prize was born and continues to flourish, year after year. With this event now in its tenth edition, Rometti has always been committed to creating a space for culture, in-depth study, technique and experimentation for young creative talents from all over the world. - The projects that have been selected this year are of a truly high level, - as Massimo Monini, CEO of Rometti, explains. - It is nice to see a new interest emerging, especially in the younger generations, in views of art and manual creation that are sometimes eclipsed by more contemporary methods and materials. With the workshop workshop of the Rometti Prize, we have always wanted to nurture this historical and at the same time topical fire: we want to pass it on and see more and more people open up new horizons of working and decorating clay. - Under the guidance of Rometti's Artistic Director, Jean-Christophe Clair, and the rest of the workshop's team-family, the young promises live a unique experience that will culminate in the selection of this edition's winning projects on 8 October at the RUFA, 11 a.m. - Once again this year, it was exciting to get to know and see what these people are capable of when they are given the chance to create. - adds Jean-Christophe Clair, - So we can't wait to host you for the final award ceremony and show you what they have produced.