A word with an esoteric flavour, reminiscent of Jodorowsky, forms of foresight, chance, perhaps even tarot. Psychomachia is an exhibition by Alessandro Giannì, a Contemporary Cluster project in collaboration with the Lazio Regional Museums, National Archaeological Museum Prenestino and Rometti.

The term Psychomachia derives from a Roman poem, written around the 5th century by the politician and poet Aurelius Prudentius Clement, animated by a sincere and profound faith. This text was the first and probably most influential medieval allegory. His verses, which describe incredibly bloody clashes and images, are the expression of the struggle between good and evil, the cardinal vices and virtues. However, extending the analogy to the sphere of the work of art, Psychomachia is also the artist's struggle with the matter of his creation: of the conscious against the unconscious, of form against the formless, of representation against non-representation. From 24 March to 12 May 2024 at the Prenestino National Archaeological Museum, in via Barberini 22, Palestrina (RM).