Rometti brings at Maison&Objet 2023 the result of a journey made of research, irreverence, elegance and extraordinary collaborations. It is this very unique combination that gave life to brand new collections capturing the esprit libre of the historic ceramic workshop.

Among the new collections 2023, the collaboration with the grand master of haute couture Roberto Capucci gets bigger in shapes, colours and references: ATMOSPHÉRE, composed of solid spheres cut into sections that maintain rigorous, elegant and impossible balances like the renowned work of the fashion designer, and BALLO, featuring his most iconic silk reinterpreted in a ceramic red carpet of elegant and dynamic lines. OBELOS is the collection that expresses Luca Binaglia’s journey: elegant and austere obelisks, pillars and gates of neo-ancient worlds, a series that carries the architectural tributes of past cultures into the future. The Rometti art director Jean-Christophe Clair completes the 2023 news with three collections that encapsulate his artistic multidisciplinarity, with cultural references that cross centuries and corners of the world. — DÈDALE is game, attraction, trap, essential characteristics of a wonderful and mythological labyrinth in which it is impossible not to enter — explains Jean-Christophe Clair — with FYSALLIDA, we united technical skills and concept, seeking the fleeting beauty of the bubbles that stop suddenly, as in a photograph that captures their nature in a sculptural snapshot. The journey with ARCIERI consisted in giving a new medium to Baldelli’s archer from the 1940s, a timeless illustration, that dances on items with a cave paint soul. The works born this year from me and the collaborations with other artists really make us proud. I think it is the perfect example of a company that thinks first about the true value of craftsmanship and art. — Soon the new pieces will be available also in the new online shop, launched by Rometti at the end of 2022.