With “Crush Me If You Can”, Isabella Cosima Jahns wins first place in the Rometti 2022 Prize, the project, that for years has opened up new scenarios in the artistic processing of ceramics for young students of art school from all over the world.

The head of the Rometti Prize, David Menghini, during the awards event held on 8th  October in the setting of RUFA, the Rome University of Fine Arts, recalled the story of a space that gives voice to new talents, allows them to find their own form of expression to evolve what they have worked on in the academies by elaborating a complete project in a legendary laboratory. Massimo Monini, CEO of Rometti, and Jean-Christophe Clair, Artistic Director of Rometti, said they were enthusiastic about the level reached by this year's personal projects and the ability of the young promises to absorb and experiment within the Umbertide manufacture. - Seeing these young talents so capable of chasing their imagination and gathering new tools along the way to make their ideas concrete, is truly a great satisfaction. Knowing that we have created a space that allows this, and that it can be a springboard for their careers, adds further meaning to the love we feel for what we do as Rometti - explains Massimo Monini. During the event, the public was able to observe the projects, which were then evaluated by an exceptional jury, which awarded the works following the principles of form, decoration and functionality. The winner was the table of the German RUFA student Isabella Cosima Jahns, “Crush me if you can”,. Silver for Letizia Lamincia, from the University of Perugia, with the ceramic lamp "Sphere", and bronze for Tomas Bongermino, from the IED in Milan, with the Bon Bon vase. - Extraordinary projects with a complex and articulated nature arrived on the podium, - says Jean-Christophe Clair - but I want to give a big round of applause to all the people who participated: many other interesting pieces deserve a special commendation and I wish them to continue developing their ideas. - Find out how to access the new call for applications for the Rometti 2023 Prize.