A long, vibrant journey

A story that shaped a century of territory, passion and art. Ceramiche Rometti was born in 1927 in Umbertide, from an idea of ​​expert ceramist Settimio Rometti and with contributions from his grandchildren, Aspromonte Rometti and Dante Baldelli. In such a climate of cultural ferment as that of the avant-garde of the early twentieth century, the dream to be realized already had a precise and ambitious form; Rometti would become a synthesis of art, craftsmanship and industrial production; a new way of interpreting expressiveness and enhancing the potential of ceramics.

Freeing themselves from all intellectual constraints and limitations, the artists experimented with form, sculpted figures, vases, lamps, plates, graffiti and paintings; limited edition pieces whose essence was uniqueness. The style of Ceramiche Rometti was the eclectic and timeless production of genuine pieces of art, in which the cultural and aesthetic plans of the European avant-garde blended with an emotional connection to the Umbrian land and its traditions. This union enhanced the techniques and materials maintained by the craftsmen of the Tiber. The particular natural clay obtained from quarries bathed by the river, the shaping by hand on the wheel, the objects engobed with special plaster that emphasizes the depth of colours and decorations are all part of the unique recipe that has made Rometti pieces among the most coveted by collectors from around the world. Over the decades, throughout the changing artistic-cultural directions and currents of the time, periods of economic crisis and various name changes, Rometti remained an important reference point, making use of special collaborations with great designers and obtaining numerous awards, including the gold medal at the Nice International Exhibition and various awards at the Milan Triennale. Yet it was in 2012, with the arrival of Massimo Monini, patron and entrepreneur of art and beauty, and Jean Christophe Clair, current artistic director with a thousand forms of expression, that Rometti began a new and prosperous era that is still evolving. The extraordinary ability of the couple at the head of the company lies in finding the perfect balance between contemporary vision and the enhancement of Rometti's artistic and craft heritage. Rometti boasts prestigious collaborations with brands and artists who have chosen its uniqueness to produce special pieces and collections. B&B, Roche Bobois, Cartier, Borbonese, Fresh and many other big brands, international design names such as Ambrogio Pozzi, Lilian Lijn, Sergio Fiorentino, Chantal Thomass, Studio MAMO, Christian Tortu, Ugo La Pietra and Kenzo Takada form a constellation over the past and present history of iconic Rometti.