The new collaboration that conquered the Milan Design Week 2023: Ikiperu is the first collection created by Rometti and Poltrona Frau, part of the latest Pleasure Collection of the Italian brand among the most prestigious in the interior design scene.

Ikiperu is a series of hand-thrown and glazed ceramics, conceived by Kristine Five Melvær. The collection also includes an elegant set of patchwork cushions, which completes the Norwegian designer's furnishing idea. Ikiperu represents the energy resulting from an encounter between local artisan tradition and contemporary decorative taste. From the archetypal, rounded and abundant shapes, to the choice of name, the series is a tribute to the Picene and Etruscan origins of the territory where Poltrona Frau and Rometti were born. Three ceramic objects with a timeless style, characterized by an innate versatility and a harmonious and comfortable visual identity: the Ikiperu vase is similar to an amphora, with five horizontal bands that combine colored and unglazed glazed finishes; the Ikiperu bowl is a centre-piece with an unglazed upper edge for an intense tactile effect, in contrast with the lower glazed bands; the Ikiperu pyx is a container enriched with a lid and a leather cord. The colours of the series translate the chromatic moods of the Poltrona Frau leathers into the world of ceramics, creating a connection that inspires combinations and possibilities for the vast universe of interiors.