A handcrafted ode to mechanics that gives a new artistic dimension to industrial components: the new collection by Rometti and SP01, combines the visions of the two brands in simple geometries and a soul as warm as the earth.

SP01, the Australian design brand, interprets the contemporary lifestyle of its home country through Italian craftsmanship. Rometti's experience acts as a cultural and expressive bridge and translates this vision into a barrier-free artistic language. The collection is inspired by the simple geometries of usual mechanical components and their functional combinations. Screws, wheels and other industrial elements come together and make up a series of pieces in which colours and finishes are the aesthetic key: brown, warm light gray, rosy terracotta, almond green, and matte, glossy, and textures obtained by the impression of jute on clay, combine like gears in perfect mechanisms and give rhythm and dynamism to the entire collection. The return of an earthy and comfortable feeling creates a link between the mechanical world, perceived as cold and technical, and the experience of an emotional and positive interior. A common trait in SP01's stylistic vision, which has as its fundamental principle the creation of pieces that are warm and cosy while adding sophisticated features.