Ambrogio Pozzi

A vocaton for ceramic art.
For his father's company, Ceramica Franco Pozzi of Gallarate, and in collaboration with foreign industries such as Rosenthal and Thomas, he designed objects that entered international design history; from the series of Contenitori for the XIII Triennale di Milano in 1964 to the Compact service, from Duo for Rosenthal to Cono for Pierre Cardin, and up to the on-board service for Alitalia, designed with Joe Colombo in 1970. Pozzi has also designed innovative collections in other materials, such as plastic in his significant works in collaboration with Guzzini (eg. the Pomona series of 1976) and glass in his works for Vilca, Cristalleria Colle, Cristalleria Europa and Ritzenhoff. He also designed objects in silver, steel, wood as well asĀ  wristwatches. Graphics, painting, sculpture and photography complete the designer's profile and activity. In all, he has collaborated with Rosenthal, Thomas, Riedel, Flli.Guzzini, I Guzzini, Alitalia, Environment Pierre Cardin, Norex, Cristalleria Vilca, Padova Argenti, Zojirushi, Toray, Luigi Bormioli, V. Nason, Cassetti, Sirrah, Cristalleria Colle, Ritzenhoff, Absolut Vodka, Junod, the Black Goose, Il Coccio, Ceramiche Rometti, Cristalleria Europa, Tognana Porcellane.  

Born in Varese, Ambrogio Pozzi trained within the ceramic tradition of Faenza, where he identified his vocation for ceramic design.