Chantal Thomass

The seduction games takes new shape.
Determined and tireless, she collaborates with the most important fashion houses in the world, transforming and distilling her own identity and vision into an art that embraces the realms of fashion, performance, perfumes and ceramics. Determined and tireless she collaborates with the most important maison in the world. In 2012, the extraordinary and in some way predestined meeting between Rometti and the famous designer shows that the distance from lingerie to ceramics was just a small step. Chantal Thomass has designed collections for Rometti that are perfect syntheses of femininity, seduction, irony and elegance. Rometti products convey a sweet, velvety and tangible sensuality The designer, seduced by the soft and iconic shapes of these unique objects, decides to add her own impertinent touch. Lace, bows, shoes and bustiers, daring winks and an almost burlesque eroticism find a new and unexpected nature in ceramics.

Brilliant, eclectic and sassy, Chantal Thomass is the indisputable icon of Parisian fashion. With a personality that can fill a room with a single glance, her character fascinates and provokes talk, as only those who revolutionize the world can do.