Jean-Christophe Clair

It all begins with a story.
Consequently he studied singing at the Bordeaux and Paris Conservatories, as well as set design and costume art. He eagerly devoured every book and score, searched for interesting stimuli and themes and built new creative bridges. Rejecting the role of the designer as a creator of serial production, he became passionate about ceramics and Rometti's extraordinary objects, pouring into this new field the different cultural influences accumulated over the years , learning new techniques and opening new paths for the historic Umbertide company . The fantasies and motifs from his imagination find expressive form in the clay, in the colours and shapes of objects that don’t simply follow trends but dreams and visions inspired by the great classics or stolen from everyday life. As in a fairy tale, he inaugurated a new, extraordinary creative path as Artistic Director of Rometti.

After studying art history at the Universities of Toulouse and Bordeaux and courses in applied art in tempera painting with the Greek iconographer Eva Vlavianos, Jean Christophe Clair realized that he wasn’t interested in just one artistic field, but wanted to explore the link between the arts, their meeting points and the uniqueness of their relationship.