K三 Kenzo Takada

An alchemy capable of making you dream
With a style that has always been inspired by classic simplicity combined with incessant research on noble and refined materials, Kenzo's art de vivre is distilled in K 三 with the great knowledge of Jonathan Bouchet Manheim and the creative support of Engelbert Honorat. K 三chose Rometti for its extraordinary artisan talent to express Japanese joy, poetry and harmony through clay, creating vases that combine pattern and purity in a unique way. -Through technique and creativity we have created an alchemy capable of making you dream-, says Jean-Christophe Clair, Rometti’s Art Director. The collaboration with Rometti gives life to objects capable of expressing themselves, with a language as communicative as the word.

-“We don’t only design objects, we design moments.- With these words, fashion icon Kenzo Takada presents the lifestyle interior project K 三founded with Jonathan Bouchet Manheim, Engelbert Honorat and Wanda Jelmini. Divided into three moods touching different elements of decoration, K 三 has created with Rometti ceramic pieces that represent a colourful ode to life.