Luca Binaglia

The pioneer of eco-design.
His research projects investigating the relationship between design and sustainability through upcycling, the re-use of discarded objects and materials to create products of excellence, led him to found the Unwaste Collective, a pioneer in the world of eco-design. With guest chairsĀ  in institutes and masters ranging from the NID of Perugia to the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk and the Shanghai School of Art and Design, and collaborations with names such as BlueSide, MOD, Rometti, Domiziani and Roche Bobois, Luca Binaglia's vision and work make its way into magazines all over the world. His passion for design continues to grow in all its forms; from the creation of products, to teaching and sharing with colleagues and collaborators, from which come ideas that continuously expand the horizons of the present.

With heart and soul totally dedicated to the design of furniture products, Luca Binaglia uses the inspiration of Umbrian landscapes and their innate serenity and consolidates it in collaborations with companies throughout Italy.