Massimo Monini

Not an artist but an imaginative esthete.
He experiences beauty as an exhilarating emotional experience and recreates it in the pure shapes of vases, in the meticulous layout of collections and in the sober and elegant atmosphere of exhibition spaces. An indefatigable traveller, both for work and  vocation, he brings his experience of the things of the world and his extraordinary flair for capturing new design trends and new markets to manufacturing. Born in Rome in 1961, Massimo obtained his high school diploma in the capital, where his father carries out commercial activities for the family business, the Monini oil mill in Spoleto. After graduating he moved to France, dedicating himself to the import of Monini products and other Made in Italy foodstuffs, as well as starting a restaurant. His entrepreneurial commitment did not prevent him from devoting himself to art collecting, a passion inherited from his antiquarian mother. His innate love for ceramics, craftsmanship and local traditions led him to Umbria. His encounter with the historic Rometti factory in 2009 was dazzling. Three years later he decided to buy the company and began its reorganization by investing heavily in research and design. With his refined taste and technical and entrepreneurial competence, Massimo has raised Rometti production back to extraordinary levels of quality.

Massimo Monini loves to set up refined scenarios where objects create a harmonious dialogue of light and shadow, fullness and emptiness. Giving content to space is his passion and he does it with deep respect for the nature of the place and the works that inhabit it.