Roberto Capucci

The silk sculptor.
With a language close to that of the avant-garde and with a mixture of cinema and theatre, in his more than 60 years of activity Capucci has created clothes that are considered true sculptures and which have been exhibited in principle museums around the world. His works of art interpret the art and forms of nature; one of his most famous dresses, Nove Gonne, was created after studying the concentric circles that spread over the smooth surface of water broken by an external body. Defined by Christian Dior as a prodigy during the presentation of his first collection, Capucci is considered the last emperor of Roman fashion, a title earned from the study and love for elegance and harmony, and for the illustrious people who wore the clothes created in his atelier. All the experience gained in over 60 years of soft fabric sculptures translates into a ceramic collection that embodies its characteristics, created with Rometti. From 17th November to 9th January, at the Triennale in Milan, the Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte Foundation presents "METAFORE. Roberto Capucci: meraviglie della formaā€¯. On this journey to discover the works of the great master, visionary genius and experimenter, the collection of ceramic vases created with Rometti will be unveiled.

A couturier, born in Rome where he continues to live and design, Roberto began his business in 1951 with the group Giovanni Battista Giorgini, thereby enduringly linking his name to the birth of Italian fashion.