Sara Ricciardi

The form follows the message
Sara Ricciardi was born in Benevento and lives in Milan. She is a multifaceted designer, she graduated in 2015 at the Naba-la Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in the Product Design department in Milan, Istanbul and New York. She designs products for companies, unique pieces for galleries, performances, interiors and installations. Materials and processes are defined each time with the help of great masters of Italian craftsmanship. She was selected by Wallpaper among the finalists of Next Designer Generation 2018 together with the Panerai workshops. She opened her first concept store called "Eden" in January during Pitti 2019, thus starting a project dedicated to interior design, for the launch of the capsule collection of the Attico brand at the Luisa Via Roma high fashion store in Florence. Among the brands she has collaborated with are Visionnaire, Houtique, Coin Casa, Culti, Giorgetti. In 2019 she became the Art Director of the "La Grande Bellezza-The Dream Factory" project for the Starhotels Group, a patronage project for high Italian craftsmanship, in collaboration with the Cologni Foundation, OMA Osservatorio dei Mestieri D 'Arte in Florence and Gruppo Editoriale The design triennial paid homage to her by including her among the Women of Italian contemporary design with the Women in Design exhibition. She is part of The Ladies' Room collective together with designers Agustina Bottoni, Ilaria Bianchi and Astrid Luglio with whom she creates sensory projects for various galleries. In 2021 she opened her exhibition Semina, an installation composed of sculptural vases designed for Rometti, in an exhibition curated by Giacomo Guidi, at the Contemporary Cluster gallery in Rome. Semina is an intimate and introspective journey that celebrates the power of nature and the feminine with a disruptive aesthetic and a poetic sense that embraces every detail. A reflection on pain, but above all on the energy that is released through it and overcoming it.

Multifaceted designer and excellent collector of bizarre objects. Her approach is characterized by a deep narrative exploration: each aesthetic is born following a precise story. Great poetic and formal research at the base of her method.