Rometti Award

The Rometti Award is a special recognition that aims to reward projects and artists who make an original contribution to the art of ceramics. Intended for students enrolled in academies and art and design institutes around the world, the Rometti Prize gives finalists an internship at the company where they concretely carry out their project and a cash prize.

The competition was created with the aim of rewarding the best projects resulting from creative design applied to ancient ceramic art. Rometti has been making artistic ceramics in Umbertide since 1927 and since the beginning of its activity it avails itself of the fundamental collaboration of young artists such as Corrado Cagli, Dante Baldelli and Mario Di Giacomo, all of whom were students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. They were all given the opportunity to experiment with ceramics at Rometti, creating masterpieces in total freedom of expression. During its long and uninterrupted manufacturing activity, Rometti collaborates with well-known and appreciated Italian and foreign artists and designers, among whom in recent years Ambrogio Pozzi, Chantal Thomass and Ugo La Pietra stand out. With the establishment of the Award, Rometti intends to confirm the centrality of collaboration with young people and encourage formal experiments with an original and innovative character, following the themes related to art and design already undertaken by the manufacturer for some time.