The celebratory event that promotes the art of Italian ceramics “Buongiorno Ceramica” will see Rometti as the protagonist in two stimulating contexts: “Incontrinterra 2024” in Deruta with the unpublished works of Jean-Christophe Clair and “The art of six sounds and ceramics through Italy” in Celle Ligure.

“Buongiorno Ceramica”, the widespread celebration of Italian Ceramics, is the event that promotes national craftsmanship, organizing two days of discovery through the ancient traditions and new sensibilities that characterize the Italian ceramic panorama. Conceived and organized by the AiCC – Italian Association of Ceramic Cities, Buongiorno Ceramica has held an annual event on the third weekend of May since 2018, offering a unique and engaging experience that embraces the entire peninsula, from north to south.
Within the framework of "Incontrinterra 2024 - Ceramics, contemporary perspectives in Umbria" curated by Freemocco, Rometti's Art Director Jean-Christophe Clair will present a preview of his latest two works: Cambyse and Essenza. From 18th May to 2nd June at "Il Granaio" in Deruta, it will be possible to delve into the world of contemporary ceramic art through the vision of Jean-Christophe Clair, surrounded by a selection of the most relevant personalities of the Umbrian ceramic scene.
The second event to be held in Celle Ligure in the context of "The art of six sounds and ceramics through Italy", will pay homage to the rich tradition of Umbertide with a focus on Rometti's path from 1927 to today, in a presentation accompanied by music by the Opus I Trio, composed of Stefano Rondoni, Ivano Rondoni and Francesco Attesti.
Both events will offer ceramic enthusiasts and art lovers the opportunity to immerse themselves in creative excellence and inspiration.